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Game rules

Terms of service

§ 1 Accounts

a) Each player can have only one account.
b) Giving out your password to other players is forbidden. It is also illegal to ask or threaten other players to provide a password.
c) The free transfer of the account is allowed. At your own risk.
d) wider forms of interaction between the player who has multiple accounts / characters are forbidden.
e) It is forbidden to set the avatars that contain pornography, contrary to law or netiquette.
f) It is strictly forbidden to abuse the reference link.
g) Administration of SW is not responsible for any loss resulting by the players .
h) All accounts in the game are owned by COMPER Games.

§ 2 Communication

a) Insulting other players is prohibited. This applies to all game places.
b) It is forbidden to use profanity in nicknames, character names, private messages, descriptions of clans and clan shoutbox and general.
c) It is prohibited to use and the promotion of pornography and links leading to such content. This applies to all game places.
d) Threats and blackmail are allowed only within the game and may relate only to the game (not regarding GP).
e) Threats and blackmail of real life and impersonating administration are strictly prohibited.
f) The extremely political, pornographic or otherwise unlawful statements in the game are strictly prohibited.
g) It is forbidden to use games for advertising purposes.
h) Impersonating the administration is prohibited. Each administrator is a registered nickname.
i) It is forbidden to extort GP in recruiting for the clan.
j) It is forbidden to insult other players or compromising them.
k) It is forbidden to provoke a situation that could lead to a ban provoked person. If such a case is proven, the provocative person will be banned.
l) It is forbidden to disclose the identity of Administrators and SGO. This applies to any place in the game.
m) It is forbidden in-game to use names and pictures of real people (including historical people), especially those related to politics or religion. This applies to any place in the game (with an emphasis on character names and avatars).

§ 3 Account sale

a) Using your account for commercial purposes is prohibited.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.

§ 4 Failures and errors

a) In cases beyond our control, some services may not always be available. Therefore, player may not claim the availability of services.
b) Service Provider is not responsible for server failures, software defects, and burglary stemming from the user.
c) Each player is obliged to immediately report game errors to administaratorów. Bugs abusing will be punished.

§ 5 Bots

a) Using the scripts that automate game play or block advertising is not allowed.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.

§ 6 Account deleting

a) We reserve the right to delete characters without giving any reason (includes 60 days of absence). b) Account can be blocked by the administrator when a player does not comply with these regulations.
c) If the account will be blocked for violating regulations, premium bonuses are not returned or renewed.

§ 7 The remaining

a) The administration reserves the right to change these regulations.
b) The player agrees to receive promotional mailings from COMPER Games.

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