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Space Warriors

Space Warriors is a browser game inspired by the anime Dragon Ball ! Play as Goku, Vegeta or Gohan... undergo intensive training, fight in epic battles, defeat the enemies threatening the inhabitants of Earth or even the entire universe!

  • No disruptive ads
  • Several hundred locations and tasks to be performed
  • AF Plot
  • SSJ Levels
  • World Martial Arts Tournaments
  • Dragon Balls system

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Active players : 89.300
Online players : 90
Online today : 564
Locations : 697


  • +25% payment gp


  • CompeR Games account platform

  • Remider

    We remind you that you should not give your account passwords to ANYONE. No one from the administration will ever ask for it. If there is someone asks for your password, you should report it immediately to administration.
  • Admins

    Serwer 1: Ujasz
    Server M234,5: Goldas
    Server 6,7: Asakura
    Server 8,11,12: Lisu
    Server 9,10,13: Demonicus

best players


  • 1
    Level S10998
    Server 1
  • 2
    Level S10203
    Server 1
  • 3
    Level S10089
    Server 1
  • 4
    Level S7593
    Server 13
  • 5
    Level S7427
    Server 234

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